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WEBINAR: Digital Marketing in the Age of COVID, May 21, 2020

Who knew that people staying in their homes to avoid a global pandemic would make it so difficult to get the word out about books?  


I guess we all knew.  But now that we are faced with huge obstacles, like working from home while teaching our children, no bookstores, no author tours...we need to find a new way to get exposure for our titles and make the most of online sales and marketing! 


Kelly Peterson, the Director of Digital Strategy at Independent Publishers Group, will be discussing all the ways you can raise your book's profile, sell more copies, and generate revenue even in this day and age.  Here are some of the tools she'll discuss:

  • Turning your description and author bio into a selling machine

  • Three things your authors have to do to help sell their books

  • How to keep one customer purchasing books within your publishing house

  • How to get the most out of any discount you give

  • Why your book is more relevant than ever during COVID

Please join Bay Area Women in Publishing for this lunch-and-learn webinar.  Please consider forwarding this lunch-and-learn within your publishing house as well!



Kelly Peterson, Director of Digital Strategy for Independent Publishers Group (IPG) 

Kelly Peterson is the Director of Digital Strategy for IPG.  Previously, she was Director of Client Services at INscribe Digital, and brings 20+ years of marketing and merchandising experience to her current role, helping major trade publishers, university presses, independent publishers, agents and authors maximize their eBook sales and marketing efforts at the major retailers. Kelly also worked at Borders Group, Inc. for 14 years, initially at Waldenbooks and later running the eBook program. Kelly currently chairs BAWiP's Education Committee. She is also a board member of Independent Book Publishers' Association, and chairs on the Member Benefits Committee. She sees every nominated Oscar film annually (56 last year alone!) and is always ready with a book or movie recommendation.  She believes each of us have the ability to change the world.

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