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Publishing Professionals Network Conference 2018

Recap by Annie Choi, BAWIP member and attendee

At the Diversity & Inclusion Roundtable at the PPN Conference held on April 27, 2018, participants expressed fatigue at having to field acts of microaggression in the workplace and, often, not having the recourse to address those issues within their organizations.


We discussed the fact that it should be everyone’s responsibility, not just people of color, to call out acts of microaggression, big and small, when it happens. It’s up to each of us, especially those in management positions, to advocate for a safe workplace environment for everyone in the publishing community.


Thank you to everyone who participated and shared their thoughts. Thanks to Johanna V. and Maureen F. for facilitating the conversation, to PPN for holding space for these topics, and to Farzana Nayani for her valuable insights.

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