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WEBINAR (March 21, 2017)

Prepare for Your Next Salary Negotiation with BAWiP!

You’re invited to learn specific strategies for negotiating a better salary and other job benefits at a lunchtime webinar with Deb Ellis, Founder and Consultant at End the Pay Gap, sponsored by Bay Area Women in Publishing.


Deb Ellis will teach us:

  • Specific strategies for negotiating salary and other job benefits, including job title and workplace flexibility

  • Techniques for a successful win-win negotiation

  • How gender affects how women think about negotiating, whether they negotiate, and how they negotiate


We’ve all heard that women working full-time are paid just 80% of what men are paid. But did you know women are much less likely than men to negotiate their salaries, which compounds gender-based earnings differentials throughout their careers, according to recent research?


Don’t let yourself become a statistic! Let Deb Ellis show you how to increase your negotiating skills with specific strategies, including watching a mock negotiation. Please have your own questions ready for the question and answer session in the final 15 minutes of the presentation.

Our Moderator
Deb Ellis, Founder and Consultant at End the Pay Gap

Deb Ellis is a women’s rights lawyer, professor, and law school assistant dean who recently launched a new initiative, End the Pay Gap, to help women achieve economic equity. She has spoken and published widely on women’s rights, and has received several awards for her leadership in social justice, including a 2011 White House Champion of Change Award.


We believe that this session with Deb Ellis will be one of the most productive - and enriching - lunch hours of your career. We hope you can attend!

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