WEBINAR (March 21, 2017)

Prepare for Your Next Salary Negotiation with BAWiP!

You’re invited to learn specific strategies for negotiating a better salary and other job benefits at a lunchtime webinar with Deb Ellis, Founder and Consultant at End the Pay Gap, sponsored by Bay Area Women in Publishing.


Deb Ellis will teach us:

  • Specific strategies for negotiating salary and other job benefits, including job title and workplace flexibility

  • Techniques for a successful win-win negotiation

  • How gender affects how women think about negotiating, whether they negotiate, and how they negotiate


We’ve all heard that women working full-time are paid just 80% of what men are paid. But did you know women are much less likely than men to negotiate their salaries, which compounds gender-based earnings differentials throughout their careers, according to recent research?


Don’t let yourself become a statistic! Let Deb Ellis show you how to increase your negotiating skills with specific strategies, including watching a mock negotiation. Please have your own questions ready for the question and answer session in the final 15 minutes of the presentation.