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WEBINAR: Confronting Gender Discrimination and Micro-aggressions in Publishing (June 20, 2018)

Do you feel things are unfair for women in publishing? Maybe you have a boss or co-workers you feel don’t value your opinions (or steal credit for them). Maybe your good work isn’t being recognized or rewarded the way you expected, while your male colleagues seem to be getting ahead. Maybe the guy in the next office gets praised for leaving early to go to his kid’s soccer game, while you get flak for being a mom or are frequently expected to drop everything and stay late because you don’t have kids. Maybe you’re being paid less than a man in the same position as you.


You’re not alone. Gender discrimination in organizations is pervasive. It takes many forms and can often be very subtle and difficult to call to attention without risk.


In this webinar, sociologist Dana Beth Weinberg maps out the types and complex causes of gender discrimination and micro-aggressions in publishing and offers practical advice for what you can realistically do to make things better for yourself right now and for other women in the future.



Dana Beth Weinberg is Professor of Sociology at Queens College-CUNY.  A graduate of Harvard University’s doctoral program in Sociology, she is author of Code Green: Money-Driven Hospitals and the Dismantling of Nursing and the recent article “Comparing Gender Discrimination in Traditional and Indie Publishing” ( as well as numerous articles on work, organization, and management. She has also put her own research into practice, serving in various management roles in higher education, including Dean of Social Sciences and Chair of Sociology.


She writes fiction under the pseudonym D. B. Shuster and is author of the Russian mafia crime series Kings of Brighton Beach and the forthcoming Cold War spy novel To Catch a Traitor.

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