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Do you want to level up your publishing career?


Are you looking to launch your publishing career, move into a leadership position, or return to work after an extended leave?

Do you have a vision for making the publishing industry more diverse, accessible, and inclusive?

If your answer is an enthusiastic yes, you may be eligible for the Robin Seaman Award.

The award honors the late Robin Seaman’s delight in books and her notable accomplishments in broadening the definition of what a book can be and, even more profoundly, who a reader can be. This award is designed to support women and non-binary people in the Bay Area in their professional growth, in both their efforts and our own to make the publishing industry more diverse and inclusive. According to the Lee and Low Diversity Baseline Survey of 2019, 76% of people who work in publishing are white. In recognizing the power the publishing industry holds in determining which stories are told and which are ignored, we recognize the importance and the necessity of diversifying this industry. ​ 

*The deadline for the 2024 award has been extended. Apply by January 22.


"So many women have game-changing visions for the world and the role of books and publishing in getting us there. This award is designed to empower them.” 

—Charlotte Abbott, BAWiP cofounder

What is the Award?


You could receive a single grant of up to $5,000 to use within 12 months. You will also have the opportunity to share your experiences with the Bay Area publishing community and to join an expanding network of Robin Seaman Award recipients.


How Can I Use the Award Money?


You can use the Robin Seaman Award for a variety of professional development purposes, including:

  • Attending a professional event or conference, a continuing education class, or a program that supports a career in the publishing industry

  • Funding an internship at a book publisher or other industry organization by covering the cost of wages not paid by your sponsor

  • Paying for membership fees to industry organizations and associations

  • Covering costs associated with meeting a mentor

Learn more about how your award money can be used.


Who Should Apply?


You are eligible to apply if you:

  • Are a woman or non-binary person

  • Live in one of the nine Bay Area counties

  • Are currently working in publishing, aspire to work in publishing, or wish to return to work in publishing after an extended leave


We welcome applicants from all stages in their careers. You may be: 

  • A recent college graduate applying for your first internship

  • An entry or mid-level employee looking to sharpen your skills

  • Looking to expand and develop your potential in a later chapter of your career


We welcome applicants from all backgrounds, especially from communities that have historically been under-represented in publishing: 

  • Black

  • Indigenous

  • People of color

  • People with physical or other disabilities

  • LGBTQ or non-binary  



What Is Expected of Me as an Award Recipient?

Please note that as an awardee, you are solely responsible for any applicable state, federal or other taxes associated with payment. 

As an award recipient, you will be expected to:

  • Use the Robin Seaman Award within 12 months of award notification 

  • Write an article for the BAWiP website about your experience and consent to sharing your photo and bio online for this purpose 

  • Share your experiences at a public or virtual event, hosted by BAWiP

  • Be part of an expanding cohort of award recipients and participate in at least one activity to enrich the experience and connections of other award recipients


How Do I Apply for the Robin Seaman Award?


Fill out a short application form and submit a brief essay explaining how you would like to use the award to support your career. 


How Will I Be Selected and Notified?


After you apply, our judges will review your application and we will contact you via email to let you know if you were or were not selected. 

The Task Force aims for half of all annual award recipients to represent marginalized communities, including but not limited to Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC). 



Who Are the Judges?

We have recruited an inclusive panel of up to five people to review applications and select award recipients. This group will include a member of Robin Seaman’s family as well as a BAWiP board member. We seek in our judges the same diversity, equality, and inclusion that we seek in our applicants and in our industry. We recommend that judges take, or have recently taken, an implicit association test, such as Project Implicit.

Judges will read applications and meet with other judges to discuss and vote on the winning applications.


Applications for the 2024 award are now open! Submit your application by January 22, 2024.

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