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Guidelines for BAWiP Mentorships
2024–2025 Program

“Bottom line, a mentor is simply someone who helps someone else learn something that would have otherwise been learned less well, more slowly, or not at all. Notice the power-free nature of this definition; mentors are not power figures.” —Managers as Mentors
   Deadline to apply is July 31, 2024  

Purpose of the Program: 
BAWiP’s Mentorship Program is intended to advance our mission of introducing inspirational colleagues to one another in the Bay Area and to build a mutually supportive professional network for women at all stages of their careers. Research has shown that having a mentor is one of the most impactful levers in women’s careers. Our hope is that BAWiP mentors will provide mentees valuable guidance and make a positive impact on their professional advancement.

The program will last for nine months. Each cohort consists of no more than 10 pairs. All others who request a mentor or mentee will be placed on a waiting list.

Who Should Apply: 

BAWiP welcomes applications from women and nonbinary folks at all career levels who are looking to advance--or help others advance--in the publishing profession. We prioritize applications from candidates who hail from communities historically underrepresented in publishing. Bay Area residence is strongly preferred, but not required.

NOTE: This program is NOT designed for aspiring authors who are seeking coaching on publishing their books; applications from such authors will not be considered.



  • Mentors:
    We are looking for mentors who have at least three years of professional experience in publishing, or in a related field. Mentors should have the time and commitment to meet monthly with their mentees and should be willing to share their professional connections and other resources. Mentors from previous cohorts are welcome to re-apply.

  • Mentees:
    We are looking for mentees who are eager to learn, are willing to take responsibility for scheduling appointments, and who can commit to monthly meetings with their mentors. We are not accepting applications from mentees who have completed this program previously in order to accommodate a new class.

  • Mentors & Mentees:
    Program participants must be registered BAWiP members; no one turned away for lack of funds.

    All participants commit to providing regular feedback as solicited. At the end of the program, mentors and mentees will participate in a formal evaluation to help us celebrate our successes and identify opportunities for improvement as we scale up the program.



BAWiP will provide a 1-hour group training for both mentors and mentees. The training will cover both the program philosophy and program expectations.


What to Expect:

  • Meet virtually or in person (as health and safety allow) for at least one hour per month.

  • Begin the relationship by setting mutual expectations.

  • Mentee sets goals for the engagement.

  • Total confidentiality, both ways.

  • No money, no problem: If meeting in person, be sensitive to differing budgets as individuals should pay their own way. Please, no gifts.

  • Mentors are encouraged to tap their professional networks on behalf of mentees, to help them broaden their own networks and experience.

  • Mentorship is about working with the whole person - it doesn’t have to be restricted to work-related concerns or tasks. Personal life impacts professional life as well!

  • Mentors should share information/assets that could be useful, such as articles, scholarship alerts, and professional development opportunities.

  • Mentors should practice cultural sensitivity; stay alert for potential biases and take care with your privilege.

  • Do not engage in a romantic or sexual relationship with your mentee/mentor.

  • Safer spaces policy

Best Practices:

  • Mentors should practice active listening, and listening without judgment.

  • Mentee sends mentor topics for discussion at least 24 hours before the monthly meeting.

  • Mentor and mentee confirm the appointment 24 hours before the scheduled time, and set the time for the next meeting at the end of each session.

  • Mentors are encouraged to be vulnerable to create a welcoming environment for the mentee to be authentic.

  • Mentors and mentees should expect to actively participate in the complete program, including occasional online or in person meetings with the full cohort in addition to monthly meetings with their mentor/mentee. 


How BAWIP will Support You:

  • We will provide training for mentors and mentees.

  • Staff will check in with mentors and mentees on monthly basis

  • We will provide monthly conversation and/or task prompts to help guide the relationship.

  • We commit to listening to your needs. If you have any issues or concerns, contact us here:


Recommended Reading:

  • Managers as Mentors, Chip Bell and Marshall Goldsmith

  • How to Be an Inclusive Leader, Jennifer Brown

  • Bridging Differences for Better Mentoring, Lisa Fain and Lois Zachary


BAWiP’s pilot program launched in September, 2020 and ran through March, 2021.
To meet our inaugural mentors and mentees, click here.
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